Welcome to The Game Critic at blogger.com. For those of you who've just stumbled across my blog, allow me to introduce myself and my purpose. For many years I've played, compared and enjoyed many classic computer and console games, everything from Super Mario World to Sonic the Hedgehog, from Half-Life to Chrono Trigger. Yes, I play Halo. I'll just answer that now. No, I do not play World of Warcraft, although I did try the demo.

Anyway, I myself in playing these games, eventually decided that I wanted to create my own, and I've stuck to that ever since, even now attending college and working towards a degree in game design, with minors in Mathematics and English.

As gaming has become an increasingly large industry with great popularity, the stock of games available to the average customer and/or gaming enthusiast has become increasingly large. Large enough that sometimes volume exceeds value, and customers are sometimes treated to lower quality titles (or just plain terrible ones) that have seen far less quality testing then they deserve.

In reaction, over the years as I have focused my skills on what makes a game good and what makes a game bad, I often would explain my admiration (or lack thereof, depending on the game) for various aspects of games to friends and family. One day realizing that I had a more then big enough mouth to fill a blog, I have decided to take my rants and raves (with constructive suggestions) online, so that those who make these games, or even those who play them, can weigh my opinions for themselves.

Who knows, with luck I might be able to rescue some games from the bargain bin doom they are destined to.

As one last note, I will try to make this blog as noob friendly as possibly. If you understood that statement, your on the right track. If not, it means 'new player or user', and I will try to field adequate explanation so that specialized lingo or technical concepts become clear.

So, are you ready?


Games I'm Currently playing: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Crysis, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy IV, Halo 3

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