Wii Wars--Nintendo makes its offensive move against the used games market...

Looks like Epic isn't the only company hurting from used game sales, Nintendo, the juggernaut of gaming, has just made its first offensive move against the used games industry by causing its new Wii-Speak microphone to be one use only. You buy it, it comes with a 16 digit code that one time downloads the software to make it work onto your Wii. After that, no more software...meaning its useless to a secondary buyer without the original Wii.

The full story is here.

On another note, I've been discussing the used game industry with many gamer friends, and so far the response is mixed. Those who take the time to look into the issue usually come to the conclusion that GameStop is harming the industry, while those who refuse to take the time tend to throw the un-researched argument of "that's how capitalism works" followed by "movies do it." Interestingly enough, the above article brings up the movie industry and how very different it is, so be forewarned, those who don't take the time: Your arguments don't hold water. The above article is pretty clear on the differences. Please read it.

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Time Enforcer Anubis said...

And so the war begins...
While it's completely legal, and not even all that underhanded, it's more of a low-blow than anything. Though hardware is a bit of a different front, as I see it, it's still significant. I personally haven't been to the store yet to see the Wii-Speak, but I hope it's reasonably priced and sturdy so this doesn't become a problem.
Xbox 360 hardware, in particular, I recall being disproportionately priced which, I assume, is why Gamestop has so many used.
All-in-all, I've got no real problem with Nintendo's decision, as long as their product is up-to-snuff. If their product is sub-par and disproportionately priced, that's when it becomes a problem, because at that point, they're just milking the gamers until they decide they no longer want to be strung along.