Warning! DRM crash

This is a warning post. Previously I mentioned Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 in my Strategy Plus post as a good Real Time Strategy game. Well, I forgot to mention one little detail. Digital Rights Management. What is it? Its a monitoring rootkit (similar to a virus or piece of spyware) the game installs on your system to "monitor" your use of the game and make sure that you are not pirating it.

RA3 seems to run well in a majority of cases. The best bet is to buy it if you have a basic 'stock' model of a computer, while a custom built computer, as with all games, may have more issues. Apparently mine had an issue. Will yours? Well...that's the question.

And, in retrospect, if you can play Red Alert 3, it is really worth it. Tim Curry is hilarious as a Russian Premier, and the game is really fun. Just...watch out.

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Time Enforcer Anubis said...

I wonder when this DRM thing's gonna stop 'cause this is just disturbing. EA shouldn't need to monitor usage of the game. Besides, the pirates will find a way around it and those who would pirate the game will pirate the game.
It's not like the pirates will go "Oh, well. It's too hard, let me go out to the store real quick and buy it." That's not the way they operate. It's not like anyone who would pirate the game otherwise is buying the game now because it has DRM on it.
It's time the industry started putting standards on DRM. It's started to get way out of control and EA's at the epicenter of it.