April Sales! Trade in your GameCube!

Hey guys! I've got some great breaking news on a spring sale! Nintendo's offering a special trade in deal all this week! Since the Wii is actually on store shelves now, Nintendo is offering $150 off for anyone who brings in their old Gamecube to trade in at any retailer. I wish I still had my old Gamecube, that's a $100 dollar Wii...what more can I say outside of that being a sick deal?

Apparently, if you exercise this deal and trade in your gamecube, each Gamecube game you trade in will also get you $2o bucks off of a Wii title.

Once again we've got an example of why Nintendo is on top right now. Maybe Sony should take a page out of their book, they might actually sell a PS3. Oh wait, they dropped the PS2 price to $100 bucks...hmmm....what competition...

Have a great April Fools Day!


Stephen said...

Sony could definitely take some marketing lessons from Nintendo. What kind of business move is it to drop the price of an obsolete system? Go to Gamespot.com--they haven't updated their PS2 page since Valentine's day.

I used to be like many other Square-Enix fans--ticked off at their disloyalty to the Playstation system. However, I agree with them. Sticking with PS is a dumb move.

Now, if someone will just come out with a good RPG for the Wii, then I'll be happy.

Smokeyandthebandit said...

This deal is an excellent move on Nintendo's part. It gives people a chance to upgrade their current console for a much higher price than normal. (Usual trade-in value is about fifteen bucks.) The problem with this is that several thousand people allready have a Wii, and so Nintendo will have to deal with the sheer amount of BAWWWWW from people who bought their Wii before now. Other than that, great move, Nintendo. Microsoft, I think it's your turn.

Time Enforcer Anubis said...

Good business decisions are good.

Honestly, this should've happened with the PS-PS2 transition, the PS2-PS3 transition, and the Xbox-Xbox 360 transition.

My opinion on the Wii won't change, (not by a long shot) but, universally, this is a good business decision and the other 1st party companies could learn from this for future consoles.