Duke Nukem "ForNever"

Wow....I never thought that this day would come. Duke Nukem Forever, which has been "in production" for roughly 12 years, has now become Duke Nukem ForNever. Its developer, 3D Realms, which has long over the years has been promising the looked forward to title, is closing up its doors.

Perhaps its for the best. Years of development on a First Person Title, with large hordes of gamers eagerly awaiting it, can lead to some over inflated ideas of what the game may ascertain. Personally, if Duke Nukem Forever were to release tomorrow, after 12 years of development, here's a quick breakdown of what I would expect:

-Roughly 100 hours of well honed gameplay
-At least 30 different well honed clever weapons
-Several new gameplay concepts at least
-The best of all other FPS design integrated in
-Must trim my hair when it gets too long

Alright, so that's a little over the top. But seriously...with over twelve years in development, I hope they at least release what they have worked on, maybe fans can carry on their work.

And on a side note, I recall a sad story (with picture) sent in to PC Gamer where a poor gamer had laid down a pre-order (and paid in full) for a copy of Duke Nukem Forever in the 90's, and still had the pre-order stub. Now that Forever is Never, I hope someone feels for him. That's $40 that he may never see again.

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Time Enforcer Anubis said...

I always thought Duke Nukem Forever was a joke, until I actually found out that it was possibly under development maybe possibly maybe. Possibly.

Totally saw this coming, though. We've gone through 2 generations of consoles in the last 12 years, so they either weren't quite developing it, or they started over twice.