E3 Rundown--First Day Impressions

Ok, before you ask, I'm not at E3, but I watched most of Microsoft's keynote address this morning, and let me tell you...

I went away in awe.

Obviously there were the usual cool games shown. Halo: ODST and then a surprise trailer for Halo: Reach. Alan Wake, Metal Gear Solid: RISING (Yes, MGS is on 360 now) and some other cool looking titles.

But what really blew me away is Natal. Believe me, if this works as advertised, gaming has just taken a giant leap towards virtual reality computing. The closest I can even think to describe it is the "Minority Report" computers that characters used by making hand motions.

Check out the Natal trailer here.

Now grab your jaw up off the floor. Nintendo's keynote is tomorrow, and I fully expect to see that new Zelda title for the Wii they've been hinting at.

EDIT: My bad, got the title wrong for the new Metal Gear. Oops!

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