E3 Rundown--Last Day Impressions

Well, E3 is shutting down for another year, and now its time to stew on all my thoughts and then let it run.

So anyway, first of all, this last day saw some good stuff. Dark Void is looking pretty cool with its flight based combat. It definitely looks like a lot of fun, giving a player a full use jetpack for flight and combat opens up some cool possibilities. One to keep an eye on for sure.

Fat Princess, which you've heard about before if you follow the news, looks like what I would imagine would happen if you mixed Castle Crashers with Team Fortress 2. As is, it looks pretty fun. PS3 owners, another title that could be a blast.

A new Castlevania almost always catches my attention, couple it with Hideo Kajima, maker of Metal Gear, and you've got my vote. Even though its not due 'till 2010 (shame, it'd be a great Halloween release), it looks great and has a nice plot element to it. I'll hold my theories about the plot for now.

Another yay for PSP owners, Jak and Dexter announced again, but most probably didn't notice with Little Big Planet going little (and portable) on the PSP.

I couldn't resist checking out Sonic and Sega All-Stars racing, and while it looks nice for what they repeatedly stated was an E3 build, I'm still skeptical. Anything that includes Big the Cat runs up a red flag in my book. So far it looks a little less madcap than Mario Kart Wii (and it does pull inspiration from it) and the demo track was both large, classic looking (I dug the Sonic 1 badniks running around the course) and had a loop the loop that you actually drove through rather then watched. Nice.

Ratchet and Clank's new title...well, I've never played any of these, but I did notice that despite some things being touted by the developers, I didn't really see any of it in the actual demo video shown.

As far as PC goes, Jumpgate Evolution has my eye, the developers say that they'll release it 'when its done', which in the modern game industry is always a reason to take a closer look. From what I've seen, its a PC only Wing Commander MMORPG. Sign me up!

Well, as this E3 draws to a close, it brought some cool new stuff to light. I'll probably keep posting new thoughts on games as the week goes on, and things settle down, but it was a pretty good crop this year.

Oh, and Miyamoto did mention the new Wii Zelda in passing. It's coming.

Tokyo Game Show perhaps?

EDIT: I almost forgot. Three Words.

Final Fantasy XIV.

That's right. Fourteen.

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