Down...but not out.

Sorry guys, I know its been quite a while. a couple of things have happened, most largely my new job, that have kept me from doing quite a few things, one of them up-keeping The Game Critic.

However, it isn't just that. I've been looking at what I've produced so far on TGC and while the substance is good, I feel that both my execution and my use of this site are far below the standards I would like to be reaching. In addition, I feel that I've exhausted my supply of notable rants.

So, for the moment, The Game Critic is on leave.

But it'll be back. I'm currently running over new plans. This site is getting completely rebuilt, redone, and I'm going to be adding more content, and hopefully more writers. In addition, I'll be moving this site towards a more encompassing view of the game industry (and a little beyond) with reviews, retrospectives, rants, spotlights, and other articles.

I'll keep you guys posted, wish me luck!

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