A Brief Sojurn into the Vastness of Space

Before I hop into what I am planning on posting today, I just wanted to record a few thoughts that this blog (and it's as of late lack of activity) has brought to mind.

Initially, when I first began this blog, it was for fun. It was a way for me to unwind, to let off a little steam and relax. Unfortunately and not thinking about it, I gradually made this blog more and more "chore-like", adding time requirements, setting high standards, and in general making the whole thing less fun. Not a problem, except that the blog was supposed to be a relaxer, not a stress causing event. Once I had it in my mind that I absolutely had to publish weekly, or write this or that, and it stopped being relaxing and fun, then I had to find another way to relax, and the blog began to fall on the list of "work" priorities.

So realizing that, I'm taking this blog back to it's roots. I'll still put up the backlog of articles I collected, but from now on, this blog will be what it started as.


On with the show!

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