Crysis 2: An Update

Guess who was not only right, but days early? Today Ars Technica is running their feature story on Crysis 2, and those of you who read my blog, you got a great deal. The only new information that it presents is stuff that was said the them, in New York, by Yerl at the presentation of the trailer days ago. Not only that, but most of that information I had already speculated about, which we now know is correct.

What is new is that yes, the open world environment is still in and well in play. Those skyscrapers you see in the trailer? You can go inside of them. Punch a door, make a hole, whatever, you can get inside and become a parkour master of the rooftops (now making plans to make a playthrough without ever firing a bullet). Play like you want is still in effect.

The tactical mode? Right on the money, it will let you eavesdrop on enemy transmissions and pick out details you wouldn't normally be able to. Everything else I said seems to match up very well, so it seems that Crysis 2 is well on track. I'd better start saving for that quad core CPU some I'm ready come December....

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