Hell Freezes Over Once More...

So you may have heard about the Prince of Persia movie? The one that released this morning at midnight? If not, you're about to. I went ahead and hit the midnight showing and you know what?

Totally worth it.

All in all, if I were to give it a quick succinct summary, I would say that in feel it was somewhat similar to The Mummy. Dire threats, mystic powers, plenty of well choreographed action scenes, and the whole time, you've got a good smile on your face.

So it's a movie based on a video game, doesn't that usually mean that it's going to suck? Well, normally, yeah, but Persia pulls it off and shows us all how a video game adaptation should be. It carries the same feel of the game, complete with scenes and camera work that look like something straight out of a game, and pulls it off in a way that feels familiar without being to unfamiliar for the non-gaming audience to enjoy. While it nods the game quite often with its plot and events, it explains and shows everything carefully so that the audience has no need to play the game to understand anything that is going on.

It's late and I'm pretty bushed, but I will say this. Prince of Persia is the best video game adaptation I've seen on the big screen, and I for one have no qualms spending my money to see it.

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Cholisose said...

Sounds like a winner. I'll have to give it a try some time.