The E3 Report: Games Part 2

Just a heads up and a warning, although I may be able to make this post much longer then others, I can still see several days of content going up here over the next few days, there was just that much new stuff shown off (or stuff we've seen before that we want) at this years E3. So today we're starting off again with the Nintendo 3DS, because when a system is launching with over 50 titles, there's bound to be some hefty gold in there.

More 3DS Goodness:

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time: Remember how yesterday I mentioned that it was doubly impossible to not mention a Legend of Zelda title? Well, this would be why. It may not be launching on the 3DS (not yet as far as we know) but it's coming. One of the most favored Zelda games of all time from the N64 days is being remade, rebuilt and rereleased on the 3DS with all the bells and whistles. If that isn't enough to knock most gamers socks off, I don't know what is.

Starfox 64 3D: Oh wait, except this. Starfox has always been a classic dogfight/shooter game for Nintendo fans, and as with Ocarina, the 64 incarnation is held as one of the best. Small surprise then that it is coming to the 3DS on launch. Early reports loved the 3D effects while dogfighting, this looks like a system seller.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: Love it or hate it, the famous Metal Gear series is coming to the 3DS. Most people love it, and since it's the first time Metal Gear Solid 3 is coming to another system (a handheld no less) to let players experience again or for the first time the deep dangers of the jungle and the trials of staying alive.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: Yes, I love Street Fighter, and yes, this release is another nail in the coffin of my free time, because once I own a 3DS I will need to get this game. I was most surprised by the accuracy of the visuals which really nail the look of the current title. A little less smooth, but surely very impressive.

Mario Kart 3DS: Yes it's early and it will probably look nothing like this (just like Mario Kart Wii) but it's coming, and that's something, right?

More X-box Goodness:

Dance Central: Love it or hate it, this game will break Dance Dance Revolution into tiny little pieces, burn them, and then scatter the ashes. Unlike DDR, which has gradually de-evolved/burned out over the years, Dance Central is a Kinect title that actually teaches you how to dance like the real deal. With a slowed down teaching mode and a decent soundtrack, Dance Central will be a must have for early adopters of the Kinect and who've always wanted to be able to bust a groove on the dance floor.

YourShape Fitness Evolved: While it's not exactly a game, it's still worth mentioning. YourShape uses the Kinect to take the idea of a virtual fitness gym to all new levels. There's a lot there, and I would watch the demonstration they gave and take careful notice of all the neat stuff they've done.

PlayStation 3:
(As a notice, a * will be placed next to some titles to show that they are also releasing on PC or X-box 360, as the PS3 does not have a strong line of exclusives)

Twisted Metal: It may not be my thing, but I had friends growing up that absolutely loved the Twisted Metal series. This new release is the first light the series has been shown in a long time, and if you're a fan of vehicle on vehicle weapon deathmatches, this game may be for you.

Enslaved*: Sure, it sounds like any other action platformer, but for some strange reason, the subtle lighting, mix of colors and everything else shown about this game make it look oddly compelling. One to watch if you're a fan of the modern Prince of Persia games, as Enslaved seems to have many similar traits.

Gran Turismo 5: If you bought a PS3 at launch, odds are you were probably waiting for this games inevitable release that year. And the next year. And the year after that. And the year after, wait! It's here! Taking more years then numbers in it's title, Gran Turismo, Sony's flagship racing simulator, is finally coming out this fall, and now that it's coming we know what took it so long. Boasting over 1000 cars and the worlds most detailed tracks (at least when it comes to graffiti), it's easy to see why GT5 has taken so long. The designer is a perfectionist, so much so that every time the Graffiti at Nuremberg changes in the real world, his team changes it in the game and hopes to keep that chain going with constant DLC upon release. Quick! Be in a video game! I challenge all GT5 fans to go spraypaint their PSN tags on Nuremburg, therefore immortalizing themselves! GT5 is also coming with 3D support.

Marvel VS Capcom 3*: After quite a long time, Capcom is bringing the fighting genre back into the spotlight. Street Fighter IV started the return, Marvel VS Capcom 3 could serve to cement it and bronze it. And if you think the crazy action shown in the trailer doesn't rep the game well, just take a look at this fight which shows off some of the series crazy 3-on-3 action with double digit combos and air juggling. If fighting games are your thing, Capcom has you covered.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow*: Yes, once again the Castlevania series is trying to pull off a 3D game. The noteworthy difference this time around? Hideo Kojima, designer of Metal Gear, is at the helm this time around. Is that a reason to get excited? Yes, yes it is. This game looks epic, engrossing and amazing. Having a great cast of voice actors doesn't hurt either.

Dead Space 2*: I've yet to play the original Dead Space, but after watching the gameplay shown off for the sequel at this years E3, I'm pretty sure that I want to remedy that mistake and give the first one a good playthrough. Dead Space 2 continues in the survival horror footsteps of the first with the player once again stepping into the boots of Isaac, an engineer, as new horrors erupt around him on a space station known as the Sprawl.

Killzone 3: Those ruthless Helghast are back, and this time they're bringing 3D with them. Whether or not you plan on getting a 3D TV, Killzone 3 will probably be near the top of your list anyway, as it remains the primary must-own shooter for the PS3 alongside Resistance (of which there was no sign of at this E3 oddly). If you're a FPS fan, Killzone 3 may be one to add to your list. I mean look at those waves!

Whew! What a gamut! Tomorrow I'll be tackling my favorite pile of games: The PC! Plus, some great looking XBLA and PSN games.

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