Ten Days of Halloween: 5 Halloween Remixes

Halloween is creeping ever closer, so if you're planning on having a Halloween party at all, by now you'd best be on the way to getting it set up. A few days previous we looked at some great Halloween style game soundtracks, but maybe you're in need of something with a little more bit, a bit more body, or maybe just to flesh out your playlist with a little extra oomph. Or maybe you're just looking for some good themed music for this time of year. Either way, these five songs should do well to add to your search.

Poltergeist Mix
This is one that I found on OCRemix a few years ago and it quickly became one of my favorites even outside of the Halloween time of year, although now is when it really shines. Poltergeist Mix is really effectively a dance mix in the style of the 80s echoed instrumentation with a nifty beat, yet combines that with some classic Halloween style noises and instruments to create a really catchy song. If this one comes up at any Halloween party, you're sure to get some head bobbing grins, but at the same time its recognizably a Halloween piece. Its an odd piece (but then a feeling of weirdness is almost a requirement for any sort of Halloween piece) but its catchy upbeat feeling and clever instrument use more then makes up for it. The only thing really a bummer about this song is that it always seems too short.

Dolls from Hell
Yes, with a title like that, how can you not think that this song is going to be anything less then Halloween fare? Dolls from Hell is a remix from the old adventure title 7th Guest, put together by the always interesting Mazedude. Is it creepy? Absolutely. Just listen to those slightly off-key notes. The fun thing is, Mazedude has always been good at using off key notes well, and ends up creating a creepy yet catchy song. You've got a creepy choir, plenty of untuned piano work, and the perfect song for any Halloween situation.

That Balcony Thing
You know, I can't ever recall playing more then a demo for the Gamecube's Luigi's Mansion, but from what I heard it was a pretty fun affair, if not the Mario title everyone hoped to see at launch. Regardless, this little remix is a pretty fun one, with some nice spooky instrumentation that never gets too spooky, even if it is eerie.

Ghosts on the Dancefloor
Looking for a fourth piece for this set, I actually stumbled across this song through a link on Youtube, and once I saw who it was by I was pretty certain that it was going to be good. For those who've never heard of "MaxieDaMan", he's a youtube remixer (who oddly enough I haven't seen on OCR) with some awesomely good game remixes to his name. This one in question fits the holiday perfectly. It's the Disco Train tune from Donkey Kong Country 2 (already a kicking song) turned into a Michael Jackson Thriller style dance mix. Like Poltergeist Mix, this song should be able to make some people move, but unlike Poltergeist, this one would be a lot easier to dance to as the beat is a lot more consistent. The howling wolves and screams in the background only add to the awesome. If you're looking for some great game mixes, I'd advise checking out MaxieDaMan's channel. A few of his stuff falls a little flat, but most of it is pretty top notch.

Haunted Hell
This last mix is not, I repeat not for the faint of heart. This is, hands down, one of the creepiest songs I have ever heard, and absolutely perfect for the Halloween party, that is if you want your Halloween Party to dissolve into a mass of terrified party-goers. This mix comes from of all places Mario 64, and yet it is one of the most chilling, spine-tingling songs I have ever heard. If you want terror, listen to this song alone in broad daylight. If you want to die as your heart explodes, try it alone in a dark house. But don't blame me. Either way, there was no way this song didn't deserve to be on this list.

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