I'm not going to lie, its been a while since my last post, and unfortunately it will be a while until my next one as well. Its not jus one thing, its a combination of a lot of things. Some of my negligence was caused by a combination of things: building my game, finals in one of my last semesters at college with all the projects that entaled, figuring out travel arrangements home for Christmas, and Christmas itself (which was very merry and awesome, and I hope all of yours were). However, none of that would have kept me from posting, at least, not until the my motherboard fried. There went my work! So I managed to get the parts to fix everything by the time I left for Christmas break, but I had to rewrite a lot of work that I wouldn't have normally had to do.

So where does that leave readers? Well, the original schedule called for a Christmas article (postponed indefinitely) and the first of the Top 25 Soundtracks starting tomorrow. The Top 25 Soundtracks of all time are coming, I have no intention of stopping that, but when my computer went down, down went a lot of work associated with it.

So, keep your eyes on this space. Its not going to be tomorrow, but soon, very soon, the Top 25 Soundtracks feature will be up. Until then, I'll try to scrape together some in-between material.

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