Top 25 Soundtracks 2011: Number 17

Number 17: Sonic CD Japan

About time this showed up on here. Remember a few numbers back when I posted Sonic CD US edition? Well it's time for the Japan edition to make an appearance!

Just a quick recap, Sonic CD is one of the only games, if not the only, which received not one but two soundtracks. One for the US release, and one for the original Japan release as well as the European release. While the past music stayed the same between the two, the present and future tracks are a vastly different between the two. The Japan edition is very upbeat techno-styled soundtrack. Even at it's slowest, it's considerably more rapid in beat and pace then it's American counterpart. But enough about that, lets jam to the songs themselves.

The Japan edition of Sonic CD is a high energy mix of music that rarely lets you go and fits its source quite well. It's varied, much like the US version was, but in my opinion better captures the emotion of each level and time. You've all been shown the US versions of Tidal Tempast, now here's the Present, Bad Future and Good Future versions from the Japan release. Now for the test, if I hadn't said which was which, you probably would have been able to guess which one was which, and even that they were all related. While the US edition had variety in spades, the Japan edition had variety with a solitary melody and theme that let you know the stages were related.

Interestingly enough, while I enjoy the Japan edition's soundtrack slightly less then the US editions, I do feel that it works slightly better at a plain listening soundtrack. Just take the Japan edition of Collision Chaos Present as an example. It's not only enjoyable, but its pretty adaptable, one could use that to fit a lot of different situations. Same goes for the good future version of it as well.

What really edged the Japan edition into the lead over its counterpart (it was pretty close, even with this) was that people unfamiliar with it liked it more then the US version. In the tests that I did, while my subjects expressed a like for the Japan soundtrack, there was a solid lack of approval for the US edition.

But enough about that. Sonic CD Japan is a solid soundtrack that every gamer and non-gamer should have a chance to hear at least once.

Sonic CD Japan
Enjoyment: 3.75
Stand Alone Quality: 3.75
Composition: 3.5
Emotional Reaction: 3.25
Non-Gamer Enjoyment: 1
Nostalgia: 1
Total: 4.06

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