Megaman - The Robot Museum by Joshua Morse is OC Remix's Newest Gem

If you've never had the good fortune to stumble across OverClocked Remix then you'll need a bit of explanation, but if you're one of the millions of OCR listeners around the world you'll want to hear about this new album already.

For those not in the know (yet), OCR is a collection of composers who take video game tunes, any tune from any game source and re-imagine it. These aren't remixes in the traditional sense, these are entirely new takes on the melodies and tunes that you've heard in games before. As you might guess, a number of the games that took the top 25 Soundtracks we just finished have a plethora of mixes. Take for example, this song from Sonic 3 and Knuckles now remixed as a jamming rock song. OCR produces all genres and all styles, and has a number of highly qualified composers submitting music to it's collection, many of which are professional composers for movies, TV shows and games. The best part? All of it, every song on the sight is free to download and 100% legal.

So that's OCR. Anyhow, one thing OCR commonly does is release Remix Albums, which are albums dedicated to single games or series. They've released an FFVII album (Voices of the Lifestream) which won national recognition, even a Pokemon album. But their newest album yet is entirely by one man.

Megaman - The Robot Museum is done entirely by Joshua Morse. He's a very dance-beat styled guy with his mixes. If you've heard work he's done before and not liked it, this won't change your opinion much. But if you've jammed to his work and liked it, The Robot Museum is definitely worth checking out. It covers 9 Megaman games, picking one favorite tune from each game and throwing Morse's style all over it. After giving the whole album a listen, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. It's a solid album much in the vein of Morse's club-style beats, and the range of genres (latin, samba) keep it fresh. He also does a really good job of keeping the original melodies fresh but intact. So I say give it a download. It's free, it's fresh, and it's excellent.

If you'd rather just torrent it right away, here's the link!

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