Five Free Games You Would Pay For

Heads up.

Sorry Recettear. You're cool, but you won't make a dime here.
Next week I'm pulling off another one-a-day feature, this one for the enterprising gamer with wallet issues. In light of most games going up to $60 these days, and some rumored to be jumping up to $90 in the near future, that's all of us. This next week, I'm going to be looking at five free games that are so good, you'd willingly pay money for them if they sat on store shelves. These aren't just point and click flash games. These are fully fleshed out games from five different genres that are just a few clicks away, right now, on the internet. There's no catch, no money, and a whole lot of fun.

So come back next week to stock up on some fun, awesome, and just plain free games.

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