Metroid: Confrontation

Its short but sweet
Most readers familiar with games probably expected me to showcase Cave Story at some point this week. Well, that right there is as much of a mention as Cave Story is getting (go download it though, it is pretty good) because its gotten plenty of write-ups on other sites (all well deserved).

Rather then simply retread those write ups, I'll be looking at another fanmade title (these fans are getting really skilled) based off of the series that inspired Cave Story: Metroid itself. Get ready to explore some tunnels, detonate some bombs, and most importantly: destroy some massive bosses.

Metroid Confrontation is "technically" a technical demo designed to show off what the designer and programmer is capable of achieving, but it's a stand-alone game on its own right. It's a little short, but it packs in all the major elements of a classic Metroid title. You take control of bounty hunter Samus Aran testing the Federations newest hologram simulation, an obstacle course that requires you to explore, find new items and weapons and of course, wipe out a few bosses in order to progress through the simulation. If you've never played a Metroidvania genre game before, the idea is that the entire game world is open to you from the start, the only limit you have is figuring our how to get their and what to use in order to do so.

I'd like to see generic space marine balance like this
Metroid: Confrontation won't take you long at all to play through, but it's worth the small bit of time it takes to beat it simply for the fun value, but it also serves as an official demo for its designers more ambitious (and soon to be released) Metroid 2 Remake. If you find yourself enticed by Confrontations offerings and style, keep a close eye on its developers blog, because things are shaping up quite nicely for M2R.

Short but sweet, Confrontation is a good reminder of what made us all love Metroid in the first place. You can find the developers site here.

For the download, go here. Currently 2.1 is the latest build. 2.5 is actually an April fools prank.

EDIT: Thanks to reader OneBoot for correcting me on the title error.

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