Ressurected from the dead!

Hah hah! It's alive at last!

Alright, it has now been over a month since the last post went up here, and for that I apologize. Just when there was a batch of regular viewers, the updates stopped. However, it wasn't something I did. After the review of Dawn of War and week of free games, I was taking some time off, but when I came back to start posting again, I discovered that almost three weeks ago today blogger had exploded. Apparently Google was conducting server maintenance and updates when something broke rather badly. Fortunately Beyond the Controller has come off better then some other sites (some lost their whole archives), and the site was still able to be accessed, but I couldn't make new posts, edit posts, or even sign in until Sunday.

Again, sorry for the delay, and check back this week for more insights, reviews, and fun!

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