Resurrection Skill +2

At this point, I've brought this blog back from the edge of death so many times I may need to start buying Phoenix Downs in bulk!

To be fair, a lot was happening that kept me from updating this site in a timely manner, but it was for the best. Soon, very soon, this blog will be getting the first teaser of a look at my studios upcoming Action-Arcade title. It's coming and coming soon. Before that however, I have one even more important item of business to get to.

The Top 25 Soundtracks of All Time: 2012 Edition.

That's right. The most popular feature this blog has ever run is gearing up for it's 2012 debut, and this years updates promise some real movers and shakers. With almost eighty high-end soundtracks (released up through 2011) competing for twenty-five spots, competition is fierce, and some old favorites may be forced off of the list. Even more of an upset is the addition of a new rating category that affects all of the previous soundtracks as well as the newcomers. Look for it in the coming weeks!

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