A Few More Glimpses

Hey everyone! I know, I know, it's been quite the delay. A months worth in fact. But that's about to be alright, because I haven't been sitting resting while I've been off. Quite the opposite actually, I've been more busy than ever, and a lot of it is because work has moved ahead quite steadily on my studios upcoming game. We're not quite ready to throw some in-game images out there yet, but until then I can let all you curious readers (and gamers) have a few little details. Hit the jump for some more watermarked artwork (no stealing please, we're working hard here) and some details!

First off, a few specifications about our title so far:
  • Genre: Action-Arcade Shooter - If you grew up playing Gradius or R-Type, you'll feel right at home with our title
  • Beautiful 1080p hand-drawn graphics
  • 16 Stages
  • Over 35 different types of enemies, all eager to see you crash and burn
  • Ship customization - Unlock new weapons and other modifiers to make your ship your own
  • Over 20 different weapons
 Now, who's ready for a look at some amazing art?

Wouldn't you like to live here?
What would space be without a bit of color?
A nice Monochromatic teaser of a central part of the game
I can't wait until we get to tease this with gameplay footage
More to come, so keep checking back with us! We're getting close to the big reveal!

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