The Long Leash.....Part 2

Almost as if in response to my original Long Leash, a week afterwords another article surfaced on the net titled: The Blog Sega Doesn't Want You to Read.

The article concerns a blog that circulated the Internet a few years ago that seemed normal enough until one day when the anonymous blogger posted about the new Nights game for the Nintendo Wii (long before its release) claiming that the game was already almost destroyed, and that Sonic Team really just needed to give it a rest and be broken up, and that he knew this, because he worked with them on a professional level.

A short time later, the entire blog was deleted and the blogger in question said farewell to the internet, which left anyone who had read his blog questioning if he was really honest, or just full of it. The anonymity of the internet works that way.

However, with the announcement of Sonic Unleashed, the newest in the Sonic Team franchise, one reader remembered something about that blog, and a little digging found a copy of it still floating on the net. At the end of the post, he gives a very detailed description of Sonic Unleashed.

Turns out, this guy is one of Sega's QA testers.

So it looks like I was wrong. Sega doesn't need to fire their QA tester. He knows they've screwed up. The problem is that someone at Sega isn't listening. He even claims that the company is using Sonic Team as a cash cow maker pumping out a new Sonic game repeatedly. For more on this particular sector, read the article itself at the link near the top of the post.

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