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Happy New Year, and I hope you all had a merry Christmas, I know I did. Spent a week and a half from my family and had a great time, and as you may have noticed took three weeks off from the blog. One week for final exams and two for a little Christmas break.

Well, I'm going to start off this first post of the new year a little different. First of all, one of my new years resolutions is to keep this blog on time, or at least post a notice if I'm off. I've got a couple of other resolutions while we are on that topic, but most of them have nothing to do with the blog, so I'll just leave you in the dark.

Anyway, its a new year and so, with much ado I'd like to present the first topic of new year: Overclocked Remix.

Some of you may have heard of Overclocked Remix, a non-profit for fun group of music artist and composers who take music, or more accurately melodies, from various games, and recompose them into entirely new arrangements. Recently, Overclocked remix has caught more and more public attention, particularly with the release of the new Street Fighter II HD Remix (a high definition remastered remake of a popular arcade game) which the Overclocked community was asked to do the music for.

I've been pleased to see the amount of attention Overclocked Remix (or OCR, as it is often abbreviated) has been receiving lately, as the site, community and the music deserve the praise they receive, I'd say they are overdue for it. OCRemix has been up and running, non-profit, since 1999 and has been around ever since. I myself have been listening to the music off of it since about 2001 or 2002, ever since I read a small several line piece on it in a gaming magazine, and I've rarely been disappointed with its offerings.

However, I did notice a trend not in the music, but from those around me. People wouldn't have any problem with the music UNTIL they inquired its source material, at which point it became "terrible" music. Personally, I think this shows a great lack of common sense, but then that is my opinion. Even if I think its foolish of people to reject great music on their whims of source, well...that is their decision.

But, I believe Overclocked Remix not only to be a great source of free music, but also a contributor to modern musical knowledge. OCR is showing the world that there is still a lot to be done, and new places to look for music.

But why take my word for it when you can give the site a spin on your own? The link is right here. Here's even a few different songs to try:

Green Amnesia
Gypsy Jazz

Look around and see what you think, you just might find something you really enjoy.

Happy new year!

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