SpotLight! Music: Thai Guy

Alright, this time on SpotLight I’ve got something really cool for you. But first, maybe I should actually explain what SpotLight actually is. So that really should be, for our first time on SpotLight, I've got something really cool for you!

SpotLight’s goal is to pick out something cool, game related or not, and do a small feature on it. Nothing major, just a little shout-out to something that is cool, unique, or all kinds of awesome, like our first entry here.

Street Fighter II is a classic without doubt, just as much as Sonic or Mario. Street Fighter II burned its way into the minds of so many young and slightly young gamers at a time when gaming was still breaking its way into the world market. Was there anyone from those days who can’t hear ‘down, down-forward, forward plus punch’ and not think “Hadouken”? Nay, there is not. Which is why we have cool crews like the Bad Dudes, who have revisited the goodness that is Street Fighter II in what is one of the coolest Albums of all time: Thai Guy.

Yeah, you read that right. Thai Guy. Which means it an entire album comprised of nothing but rearranged and rerecorded mixes of Sagat’s theme (the Tai kick-boxer) from Street Fighter II, so cool it’ll Tiger Uppercut your mind. The album is free to download from their site, although Bad Dudes do suggest that you donate and with a guy like Sagat at their beck and call how could you not? Thai Guy is one of those albums that shines with some really slick talent and style, touching on multiple genres and doing a great job of making each song sound completely different from the preceding one. These songs roll out smooth rhythms, mellow beats, and capture and rebuild a tune that was catchy to begin with.

Now, I rate songs and albums that I listen to based on my enjoyment, so what I enjoy may not be your cup of tea, but by my scale, 1 star means I hate it, 2 means I’m not fond of it, 3 is an average nice song I like to listen to, 4 means I really like it, and 5 is immortal. Overall, the Thai Guy Album scores 4 out of 5 stars, giving it some serious hold on my playlist.

Would I waste a SpotLight (my first no less) if it wasn’t worth checking out? I'm listening to it as I write this!
Thai Guy is here. Click it, download it, and unleash the Tiger.

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