An Upcoming Giant

Don't worry about the lack of updates over the last two weeks. I've had a lot of assignments due and I've been spending a lot of time working on them instead of articles for this site. However...

One of the assignments that I am working on is a very large report on the effects of video games on mental development. As soon as my team finishes with it, the rest of my time has consented to allow me to publish our report on this site. Since it's so large, it'll probably end up as five or six separate articles when I run it on The Game Critic. Something to look forward to!

On a side note, I may be getting a real banner for the site soon. What else would you guys like to see me put up?

Just to keep the game news coming, Nintendo recently confirmed that Nividia's new Tegra chip will be powering it's next handheld, due for release sometime Fall 2010. The Tegra, which also powers Micrsofts new Zune HD is supposed to be a powerhouse of gaming, capable of delivering portable HD content with graphics power somewhere between last generations X-Box and the more recent X-Box 360. Portable Metroid Prime Trilogy anyone?


Stephen said...

That would be a very interesting report to read. As an undergrad psych major, I looked into the issue a little on the side, but nothing too comprehensive. Look forward to seeing that.

Time Enforcer Anubis said...

Looking forward to the the mental development articles. Sounds like a very interesting topic.

On the subject of the next Nintendo handheld, it'll be great to finally have a handheld comparable to current-gen consoles (If it comes out during this console generation).