Ten Days of Halloween: 5 More Creepy Game Villains

I'm short on time due to delays, and there isn't much to say here. There's just a depth of villains to plumb, and there was no way I was only doing one Villain feature. So here are five more villains you don't want to find under your bed before you go to sleep.

Alright, if you've played Chrono Trigger, you can probably guess how Lavos is creepy. If not, let me lay it out for you. Lavos is a massive planetary parasite that travels through space looking for inhabited worlds. Once it finds one it will impact it, burrow into its core and begin to guide evolution to produce worthwhile DNA strands while absorbing all of the planets geothermal energy into itself. Once the planet is geothermally dead (this may take millions of years) and the evolution of its life-forms has reached its peak, Lavos emerges, unleashing destruction upon the world. It then creates offspring with all of its newly spliced abilities, and they all leave, the smaller ones for small planets, the older Lavos for larger planets.

Its a planetary parasite with a freakishly alien mind, awesome powers from alien worlds that it has absorbed into itself, and it could be right under our feet, right now.

Personally, Sephiroth has always felt like a shadow of Kefka to me, but he's eerie enough in his own right. This is primarily because he is incredibly cryptic. He never gives you the whole gist of whats going on, and he always seems so much tougher then the main characters of Final Fantasy VII. Perhaps he's just a little too cryptic, because sometimes you're not even sure whats going on (but you always fall back to the JRPG style of hit-it-till-it-stops) but you don't care. Long hair, bemused expression, big sword.

Oh and that whole thing about controlling any body that was grown using his DNA, that's pretty creepy. You heard that right, if you happened to be one of the number of clones or partial clones created with fragments of his DNA, he could force his mind into your body and make you do his bidding. You could resist, but it wasn't easy.

Kane's shiny dome and classy goatee have been long staples of the Command and Conquer universe since the very first game way back in the early 90s, but that doesn't mean he's lost his touch. In fact, as the series went on, Kane just got creepier and creepier, cheating the reaper on multiple occasions and even orchestrating an entire war as piece of a greater scheme. Kane earns his spook status fairly quick, acting with ruthless efficiency and coldness, but also smiling constantly and occasionally reminding you (the player) that you had best not disappoint him.

He also plays the religion angle, with an entire cult dedicated to dying for the cause of Kane, the Tiberium Messiah. Between his scheming and his memorable looks, Kane earns his spot.

Lord Saddler
Resident Evil 4 rears its head again with this creepy despotic cult leader. Saddler only shows up about halfway through, but he makes it clear who the real evil is. If you want a clue as to why he's so creepy, watch the video link above, starting at about the 2:45 mark. Be warned though, severe spoilers abound!

Saddler is one of those villains whose ambition has carried him way too far. In a way, he's a lot like Wesker. Confident, dedicated and capable. Unlike Wesker however, Saddler displays a bit more power, especially in the scene up above. Wesker was casual, but he'd still dodge a bullet if you shot it at him. Saddler on the other hand....

That, and he's old. And he makes it look half-dead creepy old.

Ganondorf. Enemy of Link, holder of the Triforce of Power. No matter how many times he's beaten, no matter how many times he falls, he always comes back for more. And when he does he brings trouble. Ganondorf is no slouch. He's intelligent, powerful, and dangerous. He's content to bide all the time in the world (and seems immortal) to come up with his schemes, and like Kefka, he aims high, looking to seize the power of the gods. What makes Ganondorf creepy (aside from that awesome deep laugh of his) is his style. There is very little flash and showmanship in what Ganondorf does, in fact he sometimes only reveals his hand in things when forced. His calm, collected power and sinister demeanor make him a classic creepy villain.

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