Ten Days of Halloween: Finale

And here we are. The eve of October 31st: Halloween. We've looked at villains, soundtracks, remixes, enemies, and crazy moments, there's only one thing left to look at: The five scariest game companies. Happy nightmares.

Scary, scary and scary. If you've kept up on your gaming news, you already know why. Activision is the least "video game" of all of the video game companies out there, largely due in part to its hands on CEO, who holds no respect for games or gamers, routinely disses the entire industry and mocks everything about it, and has a solid "money first" policy. This is the guy who has said on multiple occasions that the next Modern Warfare game will not only cost $80-90, but that it will require a subscription fee (monthly) for the single player mode. Scary. This is the guy who told Microsoft that Activision deserved to be the ones in control of X-box live. Scary. This is the guy who every time he opens his mouth insults someones intelligence. This is the guy who refused to pay his own lawyers when he lost a sexual harassment suit at his last company, and was in turn sued by them. This is the man running Activision like his own toy-box. This is also the company with millions upon millions of crazy devoted Call of Duty fans, most of which should be avoided by civilized people.

But wait, you may say, isn't Blizzard part of Activision? Yes, but everyone knows they hold sway over most of their dealings. And why are they on this list? Simple: They produced World of Warcraft, a game with a virtual world worth more then most real world countries. They have at any moment, millions of gamers paying them $15 a month and playing World of Warcraft. Just the subliminal message possibilities alone are nearly endless. Blizzard, you scare people.

Electronic Arts
Only one of the biggest game publisher-developers in the world with a habit of buying out favorite game studios and slowly milking franchise rights to death. Heroes of Magic, Might and Money? Yeah, thats EA for you. Just as often as they point their finger at Activision, it can come back around at them, with the exception that their CEO at least understands games enough to know when to stop...so far.

Do I really need to say anything, or can I just point the millions upon millions of slathering Halo fanboys at you. Not to mention the fact that the Microsoft buyout made all 5 of the old Mac gamers a little bitter, and to this day they like to kick back and mutter inanely about the better Bungie, alternating with thoughts of burning the new Bungie to the ground.

Scary part number one: You'll be dead by the time Half-Life Episode 3 is ever released. Scary part number two: Valve controls Steam, with the Steam cloud, which has all your game saves. Don't make them angry. Scary part three: Gabe Newell and the rest of the Valve crew may in fact, now be dead due to their own experiments in producing a GlaDOS like super-AI, which now fills in their places online, stringing along gamers with faint promises of Half-Life Episode 3, Team Fortress 2 updates, and more hats, before releasing yet another Left 4 Dead title.

Happy Halloween!

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