Please Stand By--Interpretation in Progress

Well, now that Halloween is over and done and November has come, it's time to look forward at some of the new developments that have gripped the video game industry in preparation for the big Holiday build up. There's a lot in store for the industry in the tail end of this year, some of it good, some of it questionable, but one things for certain, it will be interesting.

There is an update for Beyond the Controller however. This blog is now easily reached via e-mail at BeyondControllersREMOVE@gmail.com, so if you would like to comment on an article or suggest a new feature without leaving anything in the comments, feel free to drop a line that way. I'm working on some other small updates to the site: better colors, a background image, some stuff other then the default templates I've been using so far. Hopefully I'll be able to get those up and running in the coming months.

Today is also a Red Letter day. That's because today is the day that the Schwarzenegger vs. EMA case finally made it's opening salvos to the Supreme Court. On one side, we have a law that would effectively declare all video games a controlled substance of some type (its a little vague) and allow government censorship and sales bans to any titles the state saw fit to ban. On the other side, the argument that games are a viable media art form. Who'll win? Your guess is as good as mine, but since this is a first amendment issue in my book, it warrents keeping track of.

We've also got Kinect releasing in two days, following on the heels of the successful Playstation move. That should prove to be entertaining indeed.

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