Top 25 Soundtracks 2011: Number 13

Number 13: Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge is a unique premise for a video game. It's rare to see an FPS that isn't all about run-and-gun action and Mirror's Edge not only embraces that concept, it outright encourages the player to avoid guns whenever possible, instead tasking the player with performing full out Parkour maneuvers to navigate the games environment. It was unfortunately a title that was incredibly solid, but didn't attract as much attention as it should have. Currently, the sequel is on hold.

It's a shame, because everything about Mirror's Edge was triple-A material, including the games soundtrack. In a day and age where most games prefer rock mixes, Mirror's Edge decided it needed a style that sounded like, well, the edge of a mirror. Amazingly, they got it. Swedish Electronica composer Solar Fields (Magnus Birgersson) composed a slick, smooth as glass soundtrack that deserves to be in your playlist.

Mirror's Edge is one of those truly unique soundtracks. If you've not heard electronica before, the style is best described as something similar to what Daft Punk might make. Except that while Daft Punk is generally going for a hard hitting beat, Solar Fields music moves with a smooth flow. This music is water running across clear glass, pure movement in controlled form, fluid and organic.

Much like the game from which it heralds, the soundtrack of Mirror's Edge is often very minimalist. Often melodies are composed of the bare minimum of notes, nothing superfluous. It works wonderfully. Everything extraneous is cut off, and the resulting sound is something so singularly pure that it seems to move into a subconscious state. In fact, Edge's lowest score by the rankings was Emotional Involvement, if only because it works on such a subconscious level that it's gone before you realize it, and even though you enjoyed it, it's hard to pin down when.

At this point many of you are probably shaking your heads and wondering what I'm talking about, and that's the real trick when trying to describe the skill of Mirror's Edge. This isn't a powerful opera of emotion. Mirror's Edge is more like distilled emotion and elements, boiled down to a smooth electronic symphony that moves through your head. It's something you should hear.

That is why Mirror's Edge, in it's brilliant sound and smooth feel, takes the number 13 spot.

Mirror’s Edge
Enjoyment: 4
Stand Alone Quality: 4.5
Composition: 4
Emotional Reaction: 3.75
Non-Gamer Enjoyment: 1
Nostalgia: 0
TOTAL: 4.31

Number 13--Mirror's Edge by Solar Fields

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